Jekyll Up!

Finally got this up and running, after almost a month long delay. A friend of mine inspired me to create a website using Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

On hindsight, this process is simple. Since I did not want to do too much designing of the webpage from scratch, I used the exact same boilerplate that my friend used.

All I had to do was fork the repo, and follow my friend’s readme on setting up a local version of the webpage.

That’s it! Everything was good to go.

Admitedly, I took some time to understand how Jekyll works as a whole. For starters, I did not read the official Jekyll documentation HAHA! That was a bad idea and I ended up wasting time trying to figure things out by myself. In the end, a YouTube tutorial video helped me to better understand how Jekyll works. That is how I have this!

Moving forward, I think it is a good idea to post one new technical skill I learnt everyday. Not only does this help me to push myself to learn something new everyday, it also would help me to remember some of the things that I have learnt in my computing career.

Written on May 21, 2017