We were in the process of coming up with ideas and decided that it would be a great experience to learn how to develop on a pre-existing hardware; in this case, it is the clover mini. Since clover is a point of sale system, we were finding out ways where point of sale system could be useful, and we thought that billboards could be the way to go.

What it does

Keen is an android app that builds on the Clover Mini, which provides point of sale capabilities. We developed an app to enable pedestrians and users to buy items that are advertised on billboards. Until today, billboards have always just been advertisements, and there is no easy way for people to buy products that they are potentially interested in. By having Keen, we provide an easy way for for users to purchase items that are advertised on billboards.

How we built it

Since the clover mini runs Android, we built the entire app on Android Studio and also made use of the existing features on the clover mini that allows payments to be made easily through credit card.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge I faced during this hackathon was in integrating a particular messaging API into our app. The idea was to be able to send a message to users after they have successfully purchased the item. However, due to some version incompatibility, I could not integrate the messaging API.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

This app achieved a special mention by Clover. Read the medium article here.


This project was done during the Developer Week 2017 Hackathon.